Woman spreads dog's ashes but when friend snaps a pic they capture something so cool

Where do our beloved pets die? Many pet moms and dads ponder this question, especially when a loved one with four feet crosses the Rainbow Bridge. Do they live on? Will we meet them again someday?
Ashley Lang has had to confront this question. She loved her dog Wagner since getting him as a puppy.
She used to take the rambunctious Golden Retriever to a local dog park in Chicago, where they spent many happy hours playing.​
But dogs don't live forever. Wagner grew old and eventually died at the age of 12.
A grieving Ashley had her friend cremated. In October 2015, Ashley went back to the dog park to scatter his ashes where he had once so happily played.
She took a friend with her, who snapped a photo to commemorate the occasion.
But as the friend clicked her iPhone, something remarkable happened. When they looked at the photo later, the image at the moment Ashley tossed the ashes appeared to take the form of a dog made of white ash leaping upward. Head, legs, tail, everything was there, like a large, white shadow. It was even the same size as Wagner was in life.
Lang said later that people who saw it referred to the image as an "angel dog," implying that Wagner is still watching over her and is waiting for her on the other side. She said that she believed this was his way of saying goodbye before he finally crossed over.
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