Family makes sure that dying dog gets to live out one last wish on her last day

In Denton, TX, German Shepherd Charlie's family always thought she would make a great police dog. She had done so many things for them over the years. But only on her last day was she able to prove it.
Kevin and Penny Navid had Charlie from when she was a puppy. On their first meeting, Charlie threw up on Penny, but later, she helped her get through chemotherapy for breast cancer. She would sit with Penny and lick her bald head. Gentle Charlie was always there for others.
Sadly, eight-year-old Charlie's family got bad news for her in early April 2017. She had an inoperable brain tumor. Her prognosis was bleak and her family was forced to make the heartbreaking decision to put her to sleep.
They decided to make her last day as happy as possible. They took Charlie to do some of her favorite things and give her some favorite treats. They bought her a burger, some ice cream and a rib-eye steak.
The last treat, however, was a surprise. They happened to run into Officer Jim Bryan of the City of Denton Police Department. He agreed to pose for a photo with Charlie and Penny.
After Charlie's death, the family was even more surprised, and touched, when it turned out the Police Department had shared the photo on their Facebook page. The department had decided to make Charlie an Honorary K9 Officer. Charlie's final wish had come true.
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