Three tiny puppies fell into a pool of tar, unable to move they cried for help. Watch their rescue

It was a complete nightmare. Three tiny puppies had fallen into a pool of tar in India, and the sticky substance was quickly solidifying. Soon, the dogs were unable to move even the slightest bit, and they cried in fear. The future looked grim for them until the volunteers at Animal Aid Unlimited stepped in and went to work to rescue these little souls.
The rescuers were taken aback when they saw how stuck the puppies were in the tar. One dog had its mouth stuck open, and the puppies desperate cries broke the hearts of the volunteers. The rescuers went down into the area where the puppies were trapped and realized there was no way to remove them from the tar at the site.
The volunteers instead decided to cut the tar around the puppies so they could at least free the dogs from the ground and get them to a veterinarian right away. Once the dogs were released from the ground, they were rushed to get medical assistance.
The Animal Aid Unlimited rescuers were worried that the puppies wouldn't survive because of how small and traumatized they were. Despite the odds being against these little dogs, the rescuers gave it their all to save them.
First, they put oil on the puppies' fur to soften the tar. They had to apply it repeatedly for two hours, and finally, the tar started to soften a bit.
Despite their exhaustion and fear, the puppies let the rescuers wash and massage them without issue. After several hours, the puppies were cleaner and standing on their own. It looked like they would make it!
Over the next few days, the puppies were subjected to more baths to remove any remaining tar from their bodies. The began to eat and play as healthy puppies do.
Best of all, the rescuers were able to locate the puppies' mother! Soon, mom and her babies were happily reunited.
Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Animal Aid Unlimited rescuers, these three puppies will grow up happy and healthy. Watch the video of the rescue below, then share this incredible story on Facebook with your dog-loving family and friends.

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