Stray dogs find refuge in a store the midst of a snowstorm thanks to these kind people

January 2017 was a very cold month in Instanbul, Turkey. It was one of the worst cold snaps in Europe in recent memory. All over the city, the street dogs and cats were freezing. They were seeking shelter wherever they could.
Fortunately for many of them, some kind humans were willing to take them in. Strays are treated with love and concern in Turkey. The stray cats of Istanbul, like the late, lamented Tombili, are known all over the world. Now it was the dogs' turn.
In one mall, several dogs had found a way inside. Rather than evict them, three anonymous Good Samaritans covered them with shawls and gave them cardboard mats to sleep on in front of the shops.
A women's clothing store called Penti took in several dogs and gave them shelter. One photo of three dogs basking in the store's warmth while a shopper continued about her business nearby in the lingerie department went viral.
Though most Good Samaritans chose to remain nameless, the manager of the Penti store, Arzu Inan, spoke to media, as well as the owner of a cafe and stationary store, Selçuk Bayal, who took in 12 cats. Not even the disapproval of some potential customers has deterred him and others from giving these animals refuge.
The people of Istanbul are setting a great example for the rest of world. When the climate goes bad and winter strikes, not only humans need help.
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