Watch these two rescued ex-fighting dogs meet for the very first time

Dogfighting is illegal in every state in America, but it's hard to stop because most fights are run by organized crime. Two dogs are pitted against each other and encouraged to fight to the death. This cruel blood sport tortures dogs, starving them and keeping them "tethered" (tied up with heavy chains) to increase their aggression. Unfortunately for the dogs, they are frequently so damaged — both physically and mentally — that they cannot become companions even if they're rescued.
This story is about two dogs who beat the odds. A group called Detroit Bully Corps (DBC) works hard to help canines that have been exposed to the "darker side" of life. In this case, many months of work were invested in the lives of Maggy and Vito.
When you realize that the only time these dogs were allowed to interact with other dogs was when they were fighting for their lives, it's amazing that the DBC has been able to rehabilitate them.
Maggy was brought to DBC from the Dearborn Animal Shelter in southwest Detroit. Vito came from Flint, Michigan, and was rescued from the field.
In the video, you see these two beautiful pitbulls playing, chasing each other and even sharing a toy. Think about how much healing they've already experienced to be able to greet each other for the first time. Instead of seeing the other dog as a threat, they're deliriously happy to have a playmate.
In dogfighting, a dog who will not fight or who even loses fights will often be used as bait for a more aggressive dog. Alternatively, they are abandoned, tortured, set on fire, electrocuted, shot, drowned or beaten to death. Imagine the internal scars these dogs carry!
Yet Vito and Maggy have managed to put these terrible experiences behind them and see each other as playmates instead of opponents.
Amazingly, not only has Maggy shed her internal scars from her past life, she has also become an advocate canine who teaches schoolchildren about bullying and how to overcome great odds.
The DBC rescues all kinds of dogs. These two have shown how much compassion and gentleness can change a life.
The work of the DBC is to restore the dignity of abused dogs and help them recover from their past. If, after the horrendous life these dogs have lived, they can become friendly and accepting, then the bad reputation pitbulls have gained is obviously extremely biased and untrue.What do you think? Do you have or do you know a pitbull? What is its temperament like? Federal law bans interstate commerce import and export of fighting dogs, and the penalty is three years in jail with a $250,000 fine. If you suspect that dogfighting is happening where you live, contact your local law enforcement.
Watch these two meet for the first time in this incredible video.
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