Police officer enters prison with dog. Pay attention to dog's reaction to meeting this inmate

Bill Campbell is an American veteran who came home with 100 percent disability due to concussive brain injury. For his service to his country, he received a yellow labrador retriever named Pax who would change his life.
In gratitude for his canine companion, Campbell decided to take a trip to the women's correctional institution where Pax was trained. This video documents that emotional trip.
The chosen inmates work with the dogs every day, and it takes about a year of training to get the dog ready to be the companion to the selected veteran. Lori Kellogg trained Pax.
If you've ever wondered if a dog remembers people from his earlier life, you'll have no doubts after you watch this jubilant reunion between dog and trainer.
It's hard to tell who's more excited, dog or handler. Pax was ecstatic to see his former trainer, and she broke down and cried with happiness at seeing her four-footed friend again.
Campbell and Kellogg shared a sincere and heartfelt hug as the two most important people in Pax's life came together for the first time. While Kellog is imprisoned in the woman's facility, she will someday be released. Campbell's imprisonment in a damaged brain finds freedom with the help of his devoted dog, Pax.
Freedom comes in many ways, but always at a cost. Our veterans deserve our love, respect, and help when they return from war. Kellogg does her part by training dogs for the returning warriors.
Watch this video with your friends. Marvel at the transformation that can come from the union of dog and man. Then share it for all your followers on Facebook to see. Remember our veterans!
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