Dog dumped by family at shelter, won't let go of her favorite stuffed toy (5+ photos)

Her name is Layla, and she once belonged to a family that she loved dearly. Then they decided that they had one too many pets, and Layla ended up being dumped at a high-kill shelter. Her life was on the line, with every day one step closer to euthanasia.
“We read her owner surrender notes, which stated she lived with five kids and two other dogs, and that she was surrendered due to too many pets,” said Jackie O'Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. “It’s very sad.”
One-year-old Layla had a difficult time adjusting to life in a shelter and didn't know what to do. She became depressed and withdrawn.
O'Sullivan notes, “She was obviously very uncomfortable in the shelter and not doing very well at all. Many dogs get stressed in a shelter situation — they’ve lost everything they know. This dog was very close to the children in the home, so it’s no surprise she was uncomfortable in the shelter.”
The entire time Layla awaited her fate, she clung to the last tie she had with her former home and the two little children she was so closely bonded with: her stuffed toy. It seemed to be her only comfort in the loud, frightening shelter.
“She carries that stuffy down the street and through the yard — never letting go,” dog rescuer Julie Carner wrote on Facebook. “Today, that stuffy is all she has left.”
O'Sullivan believes that Layla "was self soothing with her little stuffed animal."
Layla's life was in danger. She had already been placed on the euthanasia list a couple of times, and her chances of survival were slimmer by the day. Posts about her fate were shared on Facebook, and members of the public made monetary pledges to help Rescue Dogs Rock NYC rescue her.
At the last minute, enough money was raised for Layla to be saved and transferred to the rescue. She immediately began to settle down and show her true personality.
“She decompressed very quickly,” O’Sullivan said. “She’s out in the yard playing. She’s doing really well, and she’s obviously a great dog, and we expect her to be adopted really soon.”
Recently, Layla has been living with her foster family in Connecticut. Her foster mom has this to say about her:
"Layla is such a silly stunning beautiful girl, nothing petite about this lady, full of energy, but can also relax and enjoy her human time... although she is restricted to the leash around the house because she had ACL surgery, she is a very smart, and curious girl... she is crate trained, and I would say for the most part house broken, definitely needs a little structure, and human patience, and a routine she would be an amazing companion to a family."
Layla is a sweet dog who just needs a family that will cherish and appreciate the love she has for her human pack members.
Layla is still looking for a forever home. Could you be the person she's looking for? If you are interested in adopting Layla, read the adoption information about her here or contact Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. In the meantime, please share Layla's story with your animal-loving family and friends on Facebook.