Watch the incredible way dog protects his baby sister

Eekichi is a small, white poodle with a penchant for protection. Sure, little poodles are known to be good watch dogs, barking at the slightest provocation. But very few of them are guard dogs! Dog breed standards indicate that poodles are extremely affectionate and loyal, intelligent and friendly – and really, really good with kids.
Some dogs become extra protective after they have had a litter of puppies, with their behavior ranging from aggressive to anxious. But Eekichi didn’t whelp his little charge, even though he was there from the beginning.
Eekichi, also known as Chi, has taken care of little Camilia since the day she came home from the hospital. His devotion to his small mistress began the moment he laid eyes on her.
When Camilia is on the floor, Chi is right there beside her. He’s totally devoted…
...unless Mom calls him. After all, nobody’s more important than Mom. He’ll leave the baby to visit Mom for a minute...
...but when Dad turns on the vacuum cleaner, it’s immediately back to protect Camilia!
Everybody knows that that evil sucking machine might suck up the baby.
Chi puts himself between the baby and the vacuum cleaner, even though he is afraid of the machine himself. After all, a guard dog’s duty is to guard, regardless of the imminent danger to himself!
Although Chi’s certainly not happy with the situation, he’s loyal and true. Camilia will never have to fear for her life because of a vacuum cleaner when he’s on duty.
The trick is to stay attentive. Keep those eagle-eyes on that machine (and on Dad, in case he succumbs to the evil that lurks within).
Chi puts himself in position to keep his little sister safe. After all, he’s a dog of his word, sworn to protect and defend. Is your own dog this protective? Tells us what you think in the comments after you watch this sweet video.
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