Rescued dog was so scared she cowered in corner. Finally, realizes everything will be alright

After fifteen days in a dog shelter, a ten-pound, ragged, worn, defeated dog named Edie was facing down death. The shelter deemed her too aggressive to be adopted, and so she was slated for euthanasia. Things looked grim for poor Edie.
Then a miracle arrived in the form of Eldad Hagar, founder of the Hope for Paws animal rescue organization. A friend had heard of Edie's situation and contacted Hagar to save her. With only an hour left before she was scheduled to be put down, Hagar arrived and asked to evaluate Edie in a separate room.
First, Hagar took apart Edie's carrier, but the scared dog growled and cowered in place. When Hagar goes to put a leash over Edie's head, she growls again and runs into the corner. Then she cries out of fear and tries to escape from the leash.
Hagar notes that "Edie was so scared, that she defecated, so I quickly pulled her out of the corner and onto my lap right away."
That's when everything changed. As Hagar held Edie and gently petted her, she leaned into him on his lap. It turns out that Edie was frightened, not aggressive. All she needed was to be held and loved.
Hagar spent a lot of time just petting Edie and murmuring to her until she trusted him enough to lay down on the ground and let him inspect her. Poor Edie was covered in painful hair mats.
One of the most moving moments happened when Edie shows her full trust in her rescuers: she wags her tail and exposes her belly to them!
Hope for Paws saved Edie from the shelter and brought her to their rescue for some serious grooming. Edie hadn't seen a brush in months, so she was delighted to see all her overgrown, matted hair disappear! She happily lies down on a towel to relax after her bath and buzz cut and snuggles with Hagar.
Hagar begs people not to "overlook these animals when you are at the shelter."
"All Edie needed was a hug," says Hagar.
Watch Edie's moving rescue video below where her life is saved literally at the last moment by Hagar and his Hope for Paws volunteers. Thank you to the Hope for Paws rescuers for all their incredible dedication and compassion to the animals they save!