4-month-old puppy was spray painted and shot in the head, finds a new friend

Sammie was dumped at a kill shelter three days after being spray painted, shot in the head, and dragged behind a car. Simon was surrendered to the shelter with signs of abuse and an incredibly painful case of mange. Two dogs, two different stories, but one common factor: love.
Four-month-old boxer pup Sammie suffered horrific abuse at the hands of his owner in South Carolina and was left at a local shelter. The volunteers there raced Sammie to the Paws & Claws Animal Clinic for immediate medical attention. The Rescue Dogs Rock NYC group heard about Sammie's situation and agreed to pay all of his medical bills.
After enduring abuse at the hands of his former owner, Sammie then had to survive multiple surgeries. At one point, veterinarians feared he would need to have a leg amputated. Thankfully, in recovery, Sammie found a friend to rely on, a 1-year-old Border Collie mix named Simon. While awaiting an X-ray, Simon came over to the table Sammie was on and reached his paw out to him, then sniffed his nose.
"The picture really speaks for itself," says Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. "You can see Simon comforting Sammie. It shows that animals have compassion and they feel. Simon would go to Sammie's kennel to comfort him and play with him and sit with him often."
The clinic documented the incredibly loving friendship that developed between these two dogs and took pictures of the two dogs comforting one another, snuggling in their crate together, and nuzzling each other.
Both dogs spent their recovery time together at the clinic, and when they had recovered, Sammie and Simon were adopted into permanent, loving homes.
Simon was adopted by a family in Pennsylvania, and has his own Facebook page where his pictures show how happy he is with his new home!
After four major orthopedic surgeries, Sammie is now a healthy 80 pounds and lives with his human family, and a whole bunch of other foster dogs, in New Jersey.
Sammie also has his own Facebook page filled with heartwarming pictures of a jubilant and healthy Sammie!
Sammie and Simon are living proof that animals love and show their feelings. Congratulations to Sammie and Simon for finding new homes! We wish you happy, healthy, joyful lives with your families.
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