Dog approaches car that is blasting loud music. He immediately busts out his smooth dance moves

When someone's parked alongside the road and blasting music from their speakers, people often get irritated. Not so when this car fills the air with a mesmerizing beat. That’s when the magic starts!
A stray dog who just happened to be in the vicinity hears the tune and walks right over to the car to listen more closely. That’s when he begins entertaining the people watching him, and that’s why you get to be beguiled by this fancy-stepping pup’s groovy moves.
The common-looking dog has an uncommon talent. He keeps perfect time with the beat, bobbing and bouncing to the music in the street.
Who would have thought that such a plain pup could bust a move like that? Planting himself in front of the music, he’d jam with them if he had a guitar. In absolute rhythm, his body simply catches the beat.
No hat on the floor to collect tips from people who groove on his moves! He doesn’t seem to care if he has an audience or not -- he’s just enjoying the sounds and moving his body like he has no choice in the matter.
And maybe he doesn’t. After all, music has been used for millennia to keep the military in step. So why not a music-loving puppy?
Although research shows that most dogs actually prefer classical music to pop, this may be the exception that proves the rule. When the music fades, he simply goes on with his day.
Get your friends together and ready to rock and roll with this dancing doggy. See if you can keep the rhythm as well as he can, and then challenge your Facebook buddies to do the same. Can you dance as well as this capering canine?