Adopted dog kept staring at owners every night. Family finally discovers why

This story is about Zuzu and why she kept staring at her owners every night. To understand the reason why, we need to go back to the beginning.
Two-year-old Zuzu, a German shepherd mix, was apparently too depressed for her owners after her father, another shepherd, died. Sources report that she was distraught and jumped over the fence into the neighbor's yard. Animal control thought she was a stray and picked her up, then took her to the animal care center.
Once at the shelter, she was subdued and scared. One day, her former owners showed up. In the picture below, you can see Zuzu barking and acting out in excitement at the sight of them.
She thought they were there to rescue her from the animal shelter.
Instead, her old family was there for another dog.
When the story of Zuzu's family spread on social media, there was immediate public outcry. "Appalling! [That family] should not be given another dog!!" Luckily, Zuzu's story wasn't over.
The pooch was later adopted by a couple who had a lot of love to give, along with a new doggy friend named Dodger.
Russ and Judith Gallo said they knew they were meant to be with Zuzu after watching the viral video about the dog's heartbreaking story.
In Inside Edition’s YouTube follow-up video (see below), Russ said, “Something just kind of told us that hey, we gotta do something here.”
So, they did.
But, according to an update on Honest to Paws, their story doesn’t end there.
Zuzu would stare at the Gallos as they fell asleep at night. When they woke, she was still staring. Afraid that she wasn't sleeping and that there might be something wrong, they took Zuzu to the vet. When the examination showed there was nothing wrong, the couple asked the shelter if they knew why Zuzu would be acting so peculiar.
Despite the inconsistencies between Honest to Paws’ story and the Inside Edition version, the explanation as to why Zuzu might have been displaying such odd behavior at night could be quite simple: Zuzu could have been afraid to lose her new family.
But fear not, Zuzu.
Your shiny new tag means you’re there to stay! Watch Zuzu's happy ending in the video below:
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