Energetic dog won't let a course fail get in his way; even the announcer can't get enough

Giggles galore abound in this hilarious video of a Jack Russell Terrier positively having the time of his life at the 2017 Crufts Dog Show.
He tears into the ring and enthusiastically begins running the agility course, when suddenly he misjudges a jump and brings the rail down on top of himself, flipping to his back as he falls.
Without a second thought, he’s up and at it again, running full speed through the obstacles. To the amusement of the announcer (but probably not his handler), he’s just having a blast ‒ but not following the pattern at all.
He blasts through the tunnel from the wrong direction, and when he flies over the A frame, he nearly does fly! He leaps over the apex and lands somewhere about halfway down the other side, all the time in ecstatic glee.
He circles and then goes under the A frame, so full of joy you can’t help but be delighted in his performance. In the end, the handler just gives up and walks out behind her dog.
Crufts celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2016, and the show ‒ the largest dog show in the world ‒ has evolved from its initial form of showing breeding dogs to a celebration of all things dog. Charles Cruft, the founder, would be surprised and most likely enchanted by the scope of the events represented, from the breed ring to the agility course to the working dog trials. And it isn’t just for purebreds anymore, either. Rescued dogs have their own division, too, and fanciers of every conceivable kind of dog can find their favorites.
When you watch this video, like the announcer, you’ll probably be highly amused and admiring of this little streak of lightning who is having an exhilarating time and will be the talk of the show for years.
Resources Crufts / YouTube