Dog waddles over to canine pal lying on ground, performs pretty impressive trick

You know that friend that always wants to have a few people line up and he can (try to) jump over all of them? This dog is so much better, and cuter than that friend. And so talented - he's standing on his hind legs the whole time as he hops over three of his friends!
You probably recognize the pose from when you're eating some chicken and your dog really wants some, but you can actually train your dog to stand on their hind legs like in the video! Success Dogs has a great video to follow along with if you're thinking about attempting this trick with your dog. It involves lots of encouragement, patience, and, of course, treats.
Speaking of treats, you may not know that dogs have a lot less tastebuds than we do - only 1,700 to our 9,000, according to the MSPCA. You may think the taste of their treats might not matter as much as a result, but because of their incredible sense of smell, they can still be pretty picky. So splurge on the good stuff sometimes!
Have you taught your pup to stand, or any other amazing tricks? Tell us about it! And don't forget to show off this talented dog to your family and friends.
Resources Success Dogs and MSPCA

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