Don't be fooled by how they look. 7+ dogs that are so guilty, it's hilarious

Most dog owners indulge their canine buddies with special toys and extra tasty treats. So why are we surprised when our dogs are still tempted by other items they creatively find access to around the house? It's in a dog's nature to be inquisitive and to search and sniff out the most intriguing and smelliest morsels to munch on or to chew on the strangest household items.
The following videos feature dogs who have made the bold attempt to reach for the stars – or the cookies – to get their hearts' desires. Their guilty reactions when they are caught are too funny. Some succeed and some fail, but all of them will make you smile.
1. Somebody helped himself to the snacks, but will he crack under pressure?
A dog owner has a mystery to solve: One of his pups ate a bag of cat treats. It's clear right away which dog is guilty, and poor Denver the Labrador is too good-hearted to try to lie her way out of the situation. Watch Denver's reaction to the evidence of her crime. Let's hope she learned her lesson!
2. It's every pup for himself!
In this hilarious video, siblings Harley and Loa are sweating it out. One of them ate a cookie without permission, and their owner wants to figure out which dog is the guilty party. Well, one of them has no problem flipping on the other. Watch this video for a good laugh.
3. These dogs don't want to talk about it.
Check out this video of two sweet dogs who clearly love their owner's attention – until he asks which one is responsible for tearing up his pants. Then those pups are out of there as fast as they can! They both seem guilty.
4. This dog is just trying to avoid the consequences.
Anuko the Siberian Husky went into his owner's makeup drawer and got into some foundation. Now this pup has been caught but is trying to play it cool and avoid owning up to the act. Watch the video below and decide whether you think Anuko is guilty.
5. You can't see me!
This adorable pup's disguise must be working because he is licking the leftovers on the front of the oven and no one has stopped him. The kitchen towel must have invisible properties, and it's a brilliant move – until it comes off. Check out the clip of this master of disguise.
6. "I'm just going to ground myself, mom."
This little French bulldog had an accident in the house, and knowing that he was in the wrong, he decided to be one paw ahead of his owner and punish himself. Watch where he ironically hides in this video. He may be too cute for a reprimand!
7. There's no hiding this evidence.
Two cute dogs are left at home for a short while, and one of them gets into some trouble she can't get out of without help. Watch this video as the owner asks the dogs who was responsible for tearing up tissues all over the floor. The guilty party is quite apparent!
8. Dog tries to slink away.
Although this dog knows not to get into the trash, he does it anyway. The owner comes in and sees trash knocked over. The dog looks guilty before owner even says anything. You need to see this dog's reaction in the video below.
9. In this dog's defense, she is eating for two or three – or more.
Wilma got busted by her owner for eating a whole box of cookies. But because Wilma is pregnant, maybe she should get a pass on indulging in this craving! Watch this beautiful dog's reaction in the video below.
10. Just smile and look cute, and it will all be okay.
Sadie the dog has a philosophy of avoiding serious punishment when she trashes the house: She smiles, wags her tail and looks as cute as she can! Does it work? Check out the video below to find out.
11. Can I call my lawyer?
In this video, Lady Belle holds up a paw to plead guilty to eating a granola bar. This dog has decided not to drag things out and to fess up to what she has done. With that personality, we're sure she was forgiven. Watch Lady Belle's admission of guilt below.
12. "Cake? What cake? I don't see any cake."
This lovely golden retriever is denying her role in eating part of her owner's cake. By not even looking at the cake, this dog is avoiding any responsibility for her actions. Watch the video below to see how effectively this dog's method works.
13. When all else fails, turn on the waterworks.
How does Berwan the French Bulldog get out of big trouble? He starts to cry. This dog had an accident in the house, but his reaction is so genuine that his owner soon forgives him. Watch Berwan use his tears to his advantage below.
14. A "time-out" was definitely deserved for this dog!
The path of destruction from the garbage tote leads to one place: the guilty dog who has caused this mess. Once the pup realizes his owner has found him, he heads right into his kennel.
15. This dog denies everything.
Benny is not guilty, and he swears it on all four paws. He has no idea what happened to the couch or how the stuffing was ripped out if it. Benny was just minding his own business, really. Do you think his owner was convinced? Watch this video and see for yourself.
16. It's all about covering your tracks.
This dog was caught digging a hole in the front yard, so he made a quick decision to hide all the evidence with his own body. Have a laugh and watch this funny video.
17. "Do you forgive me?"
Adorable Achilles goes all out to get forgiveness from his owner. What was the pup's crime? He was caught taking food off his owner's dinner plate. Denying this sweet face is hard! How fast would you forgive him? Watch Achilles' approach to forgiveness and see!
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