Couple split up, but ex-husband still sends birthday gift to their dog every year

All was well in the Hernandez household in 2013. Frankie and Rebecca Hernandez were a happy couple living with Apollo, their adopted dog. Unfortunately, that happiness did not last. The two split in 2015. However, their dog Apollo still remained a prominent part in their lives.
Here is a picture of the couple when they were still happy and together:
What does Frankie do each year for their dog Apollo?
It turns out Apollo receives a birthday card every year from Frankie, and April 2017 is no different.
Rebecca sends a tweet out showing the beautiful gesture saying, "My ex and I split up two years ago and he still sends our dog, Apollo, a birthday card and gift card to Petco on his birthday."
When Today asked Frankie why he sent the card, he stated that he truly wanted to send birthday wishes to his dog. However, he always wants to be a support system for Rebecca as well, even in their separation. The two are still legally married, and the future is looking bright for them.
Rebecca and Frankie have since spent some time together at a motorcycle race in Austin. Petco has even got involved. They were so touched by their story that they have sent the two a gift card to a restaurant that even Apollo can go to. Apollo might have just reunited the young couple's love.
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